Friday, July 29, 2011

Window Lessons

When I decorated my kitchen the corner that my table was in was really bare, and I thought that a window would look good on the completely blank wall.  Thankfully we had a few at my parent's house so I brought one back with me after Amanda's wedding.  And today while Mom was working on my love seat I went to town on fixing up the window, which started out looking like this:

I started out the project with the normal routine: clean, remove hardware, sand it down, and tape it up.  I didn't cover the glass completely because I figured I could control the spray paint can enough to not get paint on the glass.  Well, I was wrong.  I soon noticed a light red misting of paint on the glass.  Ugh!  I grabbed some paper scraps and covered up the glass before finishing all the painting.  And one of the benefits of it being so stinkin' hot is that the paint dried quickly.  But when I pealed back the paint, the red paint was so obvious.  

Original tape job.

Tape job, take 2.

 My mom suggested I scrape it off with a razor blade but I didn't have any; we had to make a trip to Walmart, so I put it on the list.  Once we got there she said I should get this little scraper thing made just for stuff like that.  I was skeptical and hesitant, mostly because I hate the sound of things screeching on glass, so the thought of scraping a metal blade back and forth across glass just did not appeal to me,  but it was only $1.97 so I figured I'd give it a try.  Oh. my. goodness.  That little scraper was amazing!  It took the paint off in one swipe, no scraping back and forth!  And it didn't make any screeching sounds.  I had the paint off of all 6 panes of glass in probably a minute flat.  Success!

One handy little tool!
 Unfortunately, the next step of the project wasn't the most successful.  I waned to distress the window to make it look, well, distressed.  I did not get the look I wanted.  It just looks like a really bad paint job.  I went ahead and hung it up, because I'd worked on it all afternoon and just wanted the thing on the wall.  I do plan on fixing it, hopefully sooner than later, and I think I'll try crackle paint.  A friend from high school, who I haven't really talked to since high school, suggested it.  We caught up briefly and recently because we checked out each others blogs.  She said she's done it and liked it, so I'll give it a try for Round 2.  Thanks for the tip, Amanda!  And you can check out her blog here.

I like the window in the corner, just not the look of this particular window.

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