Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bare Foot Bible Study

Today the weather was perfect.  Perfect!  It was warm but not humid, breezy but not enough to make you cold, and sunny but not too bright.  I knew I wanted to be outside as much as possible, but since my meetings were in The Cave, that would mean sitting in the hard, metal chairs on the patio, which doesn't even get any sun.  So I grabbed the blanket I keep in my desk drawer and headed toward The Cave.  I felt a little silly walking through campus holding a blanket, but not enough to make me stop.  When I met up with the girls I asked them if they'd be up for sitting outside, and they all were, because they're awesome.  We gathered our stuff and the blanket and went to the amphitheater and found a nice patch of grass to settle down on.  Besides the ants and bees, it was quite nice.  Definitely something I want to do more of, especially since I can use all the sun I can get!

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