Thursday, April 14, 2011

Triple Threat

                                    Wednesday, April 13th 

A beautiful day for a cookout!
I'm getting to a point in the blog where I'm afraid my shoes and locations of pictures are starting to get a little repetitive, so I'm always thinking of ways to change things up (feel free to give me suggestions!).  Even though I was at The Well again last night, I had the chance to take a slightly different picture because we were having a cookout before The Well and I could take the picture outside.  But soon I was busy running back and forth from the tent to the kitchen making gallons of lemonade and Gatorade, and then before I knew it, it was 9:00 and we were back inside for The Well.  After the service was over I was standing with Jillian and Chelsea when I remembered out loud "Aw man, I haven't taken my picture for today," and one of them said "Well take a picture of our feet."  So I did.  These two goobers are enough trouble on their own, but when I join the picture, well, we have a lot of fun; pranks, jokes, weird accents, funny faces etc.  And Jillian and I have a way of saying the most random, out of the blue comments, at the exact same time.  It's scary.  
They're a mess, and I love them :)

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