Monday, April 18, 2011

Mug Monday and Milk Runs

Me and Jessie on New Year's Eve
This mug was a gift from my dear, curly-headed friend Jessie.  Jessie and I became friends four years ago while working the Bristol races believe it or not.  I think my most memorable moments with Jessie were on Thursday nights during my senior year in college.  Thursday nights were my on-duty nights for being an RA, so I couldn't leave the building.  Thursday nights were also when Grey's Anatomy came on.  So almost every Thursday without fail, Jessie showed up at my dorm room to watch Grey's.  Something I loved was that she often showed up wearing her pajama pants.  It always cracked me up that she had no problem coming to a school she didn't attend and just moseying through the parking lot and lobby and up the stairs to my room, sometimes saying hello to random strangers, while wearing striped pajama pants.  Somewhere along our Thursday night journey we started eating those Betty Crocker Warm Delights Microwavable Cakes.  Not every week mind you, but if one of us had had a bad week or if we know that's nights episode was going to be really good.  One night, about 8 minutes til Grey's started I realized I was out of milk, and you just have to have milk when you eat that cake, so we went on a milk run.  We went flying down the stairs, through the lobby and out into the parking lot, and I think one of us might have been yelling, "We need milk!!!!"  So flew down the road to the closest gas station, ran inside like a couple crazy people, grabbed the milk, ran to the cashier, paid as quickly as we could, jumped in the car, raced back to Milligan, ran through the parking lot, took the steps two at a time, and piled through the door.  I think we only missed the first two minutes of the show and we were quite pleased with ourselves, even though it probably took us the next 15 minutes to catch our breath after our crazy milk run.  Even still we talk about "the night of the milk run."  But back to the mug, this was one of the gifts she gave me when I graduated and I love it!  Not only do I love it because it's a photographer mug, but because all of the pictures on it are things from film cameras and printing pictures, not digital photography, which is oh-so-rare these days.  You hardly ever see photographer things with anything other than a camera, so this mug is extra special.

I love the little camera inside, it's like a surprise after you drink enough!


  1. so cute! and i love your milk run story. haha aimee your life is never boring!

  2. awwww i love this!!!! this just made my stressful day a little less stressful! i love you, and i would totally be up for a milk run with you anytime!


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