Monday, April 18, 2011

These Boots

  One of the many perks of working on a college campus is that it's pretty easy for me to get free tickets to the concerts, and this year's spring concert was Little Big Town and Eric Church.  I do like country music, and even though these two aren't my favorites, a free concert is a free concert, so I went.  And it's only appropriate to wear cowboy boots to a country concert.  Little Big Town played first, but I didn't really hear that much of it.  Why?  Because they were being drowned out by the group of people sitting behind us.  I know you have to talk loudly at concerts, but these people were ridiculous, it was almost hurting my ears they were talking so loudly.  And besides that, they were cussing and talking about how much they couldn't wait to go drink.  Two from the group were actually sitting next to me, and when this guy stood up later to sing along wich Eric Church, he kept swaying back and forth, and each time his hip or his elbow would get a little bit closer to my face (cause I was sitting down).  I really thought I might get a black eye.  And random moment of the night: I yawned at one point and my gum just kind of fell out of my mouth and landed on my lap.  I just stared at it for a second trying to figure out what had happened, and then I casually picked it up and tried to play it off, hoping no one had seen.  I was wrong though, Trevor who was sitting next to me speaks up and says "Umm, did your gum just fall out of your mouth?"  It was embarrassing and hilarious too.

Little Big Town

Eric Church

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