Monday, April 4, 2011

Mug Monday Is Back On Track

Finally!  A Mug Monday on a Monday.  Since last week was so crazy for all of us, we got today off, yay!  I love mornings where I can leisurely make a big breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee while doing my quiet times.  Usually mornings like that only happen on the weekends or over a break, so this was a real treat.  This morning I used another of my favorite, favorite mugs.  I love the color, the fluid shape and smooth ceramic, but my absolute favorite thing about it is the handle.  It's big and open and I can fit my whole hand in it, not just two or three fingers.  There are some days where I'm more content just to hold a cup of coffee rather than drink it, and this is the only mug I can wrap my whole hand around it through the handle.  This mug is also special because it was a gift from Audrey.  Audrey was our Resident Director when I was an RA my senior year.  We clicked right away and I looked forward to meeting with her each week.  Our relationship quickly went from RD/RA to genuine friends and sisters in Christ.  She was a tremendous source of encouragement and I admire her greatly.  We don't get to see each other very often anymore; I'm busy with my "college kids" and she's busy with Elijah and Molly, who are about 3 1/2 and 18 months.  Even though our visits are few and far between, I always leave my time with her feeling challenged and uplifted. 

Nothing is cheerier than fresh flowers in a Mason jar!
Being home this morning also allowed me to go ahead and get snacks ready for small group tonight.  Usually I'm doing this 30 minutes before they come over, and anytime I can do something ahead of time, I'm for it!  I whipped up some rice crispy treats and washed the strawberries I got on sale last night.  I think those are good springy snacks, don't you?

After I finished most of what I needed to at the house I was dying to get outside in the sunshine.  I headed to Panera.  I realized that Panera is one of the few places you can go eat a real meal and read, by yourself, and it isn't odd.  Anyways, I went there for that reason, and so I could sit outside.  There was just enough wind to keep it from being too hot and it was quite pleasant.  I got a little bit of sun too! 

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