Saturday, April 16, 2011


Friday, April 15th - Last night we had a Concert of Worship on campus at ETSU.  It was supposed to be outside in the amphitheater, but we had to move it inside because of bad weather.  Regardless, it was so neat to be in the middle of a secular campus, boldly, fearlessly and carelessly praising the Lord.  There were a lot of people there that I didn't recognize, which is always encouraging.  Not that I know everyone who attends The Well, but honestly, I do recognize a lot of them.  I'll see people around campus and even though I've never talked with them or know their name, I know they go to The Well.  Standing at the same door until 9:30 every week has it's advantages.  After the concert we had pizza and milled around.  Since I was wearing my ministry team shirt, I also wore my red shoes, and then I noticed that Jordan and Chelsea had on red shoes too, so it would be the perfect foot picture!  I was getting ready to take it when Josh stepped in, even though his shoes didn't match.  Josh likes pictures of himself, so we couldn't convince him to leave...

Jordan, Chelsea, Josh, and I
After the concert Jillian and Ashley were going to tag along while I went back to the church to help Drew unload stuff, and then we were going to make a last night trip to Walmart.  We left before Drew and on the way came up with a fun little plan.  Jillian and Ashley got inside the trailer that we store our stuff in, and I closed it up just like Drew had left it.  When ho got to the church he asked where the girls were and I told them someone had asked them to go get ice-cream, and I had told them just to go.  I stood back as he unlatched the trailer door and pulled it down, and sitting right there, in two chairs they had pulled up, were Jillian and Ashley.  It was quite funny.  From there we went to Walmart where we bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and a box of cookies.  Random, but all necessary.

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