Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Class '14 Feet

When I contacted my small group to remind them about tonight, I also reminded some of them to wear cute shoes for our feet picture!  I was determined not to forget it, and I didn't!  Starting with my gray boots on the bottom, and going clockwise around the coffee table you have: Emily, Catey Laura, Corey, Logan, Kathryn, Chip, Krista, and Logan.  The Logan to my right was very proud of his shoes, they have Lebron James in the name of them, that's all I know.  But anyways, his whole entire outfit tonight was black and purple, or gray and purple, so he would match, I was quite impressed!  From the remnants on the table, you can see that we quite a fun night together too!  Especially with the pop corn in the old school containers!

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