Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Get Crafty

I love weekends where I don't have plans, so then I can go along with whatever comes up, and that is exactly what happened last night!  Jillian, Ashley, and I were going to spend the evening together, and that's about all we knew, other than the fact that we wanted to do something crafty.  Crafty as in glue and glitter, not being sneaky and conniving.  So I picked them up and we headed out!  We stopped to eat at Which Wich, a fun sandwich shop.  You order your sandwich on brown paper bag, then they make it, toast it, and give it back to you in the bag.  They also have a wall of bags that people have decorated and displayed, so we made one to add to it.  From there it was on to Michaels for the girls to find something to Modpodge.  Modpodge is a crafters best friend.  I love it!  It looks like glue and smells like glue, but it is not glue, it is better!  You use it to paste things on to just about any surface, glass, wood, plastic etc.  You can take something plain and boring and turn it into a personalized masterpiece!  Anyways, after we walked around Michaels a few times, they finally decided on large wooden letters.  I already had a plain piggy bank that I wanted to cover with pictures of shoes and then cut out letters to spell Shoe Fund.  After we got back to their dorm we got out the scissors and magazines and put in a movie.  It took us all of The Blind Side to cut things out and decide how we wanted to decorate, and then all of She's The Man to get it done.  By the time we were done we had quoted lots of movie lines, shared a lot of laughs, Ashley and I read lots of recipes we wanted to try, Jillian had torn out a few Suduko puzzles to work on later, and the floor was covered with snippets of paper.  Quite the successful crafty girls night!

Our Which Wich bag

My fun Aimee Jane tote, it carried all my craft supplies.

The finished products!

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  1. oh my gosh this shoe fund piggy bank is the cutest thing ever!!


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