Sunday, January 9, 2011

4 Feet Are Better Than 2

My plan for yesterday was to take a picture of Ashley's and I feet at her bridal shower, but in all the busyness, I totally forgot!  And not just the picture of our feet, but of my feet too, I'm quite disappointed.  On the other hand, I was wearing black flats with gray socks yesterday and it looked a little strange, so maybe the lack of a picture is a good thing.  I still really wanted a picture of our feet together, so I took one at church this morning.  I know it's not an interesting picture at all, but we probably looked strange enough standing in the foyer and me taking a picture of our feet.  If I had tried to get too creative we really would have gotten some stares.   Ashley, thanks for going along with the whole thing and I will see your feet on March 11th! 

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