Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

There was a heat wave in Johnson City today, seriously, it got up to 65 degrees!  Barnes and Noble is only about two minutes away from church and it has a nice patio behind it with tables and chairs, so that is exactly where I headed when church was over.  My first stop was at the magazine rack, and from there the cafe.  At the cafe I grabbed my favorite Pomegranate Cherry juice from Nantucket Nectars.  I absolutely love this juice!  Normally when it comes to food (or drink in this case), I'm indecisive and I like to change things up.  But when I'm at B&N and I don't want this coffee, this juice is what I always choose.  I'd been craving quiche all weekend, and so I ordered some of that too.  As I headed outside to the patio I was afraid it would be full already.  On a nice sunny day in a college town, places like this usually fill up fast.  I was surprised to find it empty, and that meant I had my choice of tables!  Always a nice thing.  I spent the next hour flipping through magazines and enjoying brunch.  From time to time I would just stop and sit, and enjoy feeling the sun on my back.  I'm so thankful that I had the afternoon free and was able to enjoy being outside.

I don't know what it is, but there's something I like about drinking with a straw from a glass bottle.

Those are my mom's old cowboy boots!  They're a little too big for me, but I wear them anyways.


  1. Aimee, a John Denver song title and my old boots!!! You made my day happier.

  2. i love everything about this post!

  3. oh my goodness! this looks so wonderful! we are supposed to get 15-20 inches of snow tomorrow and wednesday... i'm going to close my eyes and pretend that is my feet in that picture above :)


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