Friday, January 21, 2011

Making a Mark

I don't have prickly legs in this picture, but there is something about my legs in this picture that really bothers me.  You can see the marks on my ankles from where I had my socks pulled up during the day.  This annoys me so much!  In the spring and summer, this is never an issue.  Mainly because I don't wear socks often in the summer, but if I do, it's with tennis shoes so they're already the right length.  In the fall and winter however, I'll usually wear taller socks.  So at the end of the day when I change to head to the gym, I have these wonderfully attractive, embarrassing marks on my ankles.  I'm sure no one else notices them, but to me it's really obvious.  Also,  when I left my house to go to the CPA tonight, marked-up ankles and all, it was just beginning to rain a little bit.  When I walked out of the CPA almost an hour later, it was snowing!


  1. I, also, am annoyed by those sock marks, but no one else even notices! It is super weird though when I wear knee length socks! :)

  2. Considering the fact that you didn't like to wear socks when you were little, because they "hurt" your feet, I'm not surprised that sock marks annoy you.


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