Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Spud-tacular View

I really like my gray boots.  They are super comfy (I feel like I'm just wearing slippers) and from far away, I think they're really cute.  However, I've noticed that when I look down at them, they look like potatoes. Fuzzy, gray potatoes.  So, here are my potato feet in Philips Arena.  With over 20,000 people in each main session, you can't just mosey in 15 minutes before start time and expect to have a decent seat.  Having a group of 50 makes it even harder to find seats together.  So this means we get in line about an hour ahead of time, make a mad dash to the seats, throw coats and bags down and send a mass text to let everyone else know where we are.  Then we wait.  So, here I am waiting, wishing those were real potatoes and that I had butter and sour cream.

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